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After a period of extensive research and development into available GPS tracking systems from high to low-end cost and function, Venomous Motorcycles has created an advanced system ready to go masked on a need to know basis specifically for vintage Harley’s. Available now a Venomous Motorcycles Anti-Theft GPS Tracking Device can alert you of any movement to your Harley and can track its location within 50 feet. Therefore anyone can now travel safely with their vintage motorcycle knowing it’s protected just like the newer models.

GPS Coverage Map

GPS trackers require cellular technology in order to work meaning you will need a wireless plan to be able to track a bike. These plans come in many different forms and cost plans. We have partnered with and use one of the leading providers of cellular technology allowing Venomous Motorcycles to provide a couple of flexible plans to meet customer needs with no contracts and no credit check.

Plan 1 (Active Mode) $175.00 Includes Shipping

This plan turns on the Venomous Sin Track GPS tracking unit on for 1 year of service allowing the bike to be tracked in real time wherever it may be in the coverage zones. (Most areas not covered by service are mountain and or other regions where people/bikes do not go. As long as the service is paid thereafter it will remain active. $100.00 a year renewal.) This plan allows Geo Fencing and other specific features which will notify you if your bike has been moved etc. immediately if it leaves a specific targeted area and is the most secure.

Plan 2 (Inactive Ghost Mode) $75.00 Includes Shipping

Vintage Harleys especially those of organizations like to run as ghosts (untrackable) on the streets for a variety of reasons. Sin Track is a genius add on setting dormant until you need it. This plan until it is terminated (good for at least 2 years from the time of purchase) allows the SIM card to set dormant inside the device until it is needed. In other words, hook up the device on the bike and let it sit without having paid the yearly fees until you need to. Then if the bike has become stollen within 2 years of purchase Venomous Motorcycles will simply activate the dormant SIM card service turning on the Sin Track GPS tracker. If the GPS tracker is still on the bike and has power it will then turn on and broadcast a signal for 30 days. At the end of the 2 years, one can order a replacement SIM good for another year ($25.00) of the service while terms last at that time or activate the SIM for a year for $100.00. (Once a SIM Card is activated it must remain paid thereafter or it will be canceled. If canceled for lack of payment the SIM Card must be replaced per service carrier Terms of Service.)

A lot of our clients like the idea of only having to pay for service when they need it knowing having something on standby is better than no protection at all.

Additional Add Ons

Installation $100.00

The units are pretty simple to install an easy DYI project. Venomous Motorcycles offers in-shop installation of all tracking devices. Let our experts not only mask, hide, and install your GPS protection device but place it in the best possible place. (Venomous also offers the purchase and placement of a dummy device somewhere obvious while leaving the real hidden somewhere else. $100.00)

Masking $15.00

Masking the device to look like something other than a GPS tracking device is a good idea. Anything that can identify the GPS device is removed and something else is put in its place for example “Screaming Eagle Ignition Module.”

There are more options available as well. For more information stop by or contact the shop by phone at (928) 451-1008 to see how we can start getting your bike protected today and let us help secure your piece of mind.

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