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In addition to Harley Davidson repair and maintenance, the crew would also go on rides looking to follow the petroglyphs like the Nazi SS did to the region before going into Sun Worship. Those rides were often with partners in the brotherhood trying to understand what was being stated by the aneint peoples and why. The petroglyphs of digital rides are captured here. (CLICK HERE)

Not known to many is the fact some of the Venomous Motorcycles crew have been inducted into Native American tribes and are part of research teams for the Verde Valley Vortex for the publication of materials like books such as "Legends of the Verde Valley" and "Angel Valley Labyrinth" as well as others.

Venomous Jeff Nobles, a former cop, painted a visually stimulating rider being chased by an undead who many of us know as death in 2015. Two of the crew would actually experience an encounter with an undead. The story can be found here. (CLICK HERE)

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