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Written by Administrator on Wednesday, 28 November 2018 18:31   

Anyone who owns a vintage Harley can attest to the fears of someone stealing their pride and joy. To help curb some of the fears of losing a part of the American dream Venomous Motorcycles is letting a security expert help you get your bike in the shape it needs to be. The newer Harleys come equipped with GPS tracking devices implanted inside but the older ones do not. Get your vintage Harley protected today at Venomous Motorcycles. These devices have custom features only available at Venomous Motorcycles to date which cannot be listed. All of the true benefits and features are strictly by word of mouth only to protect our secrets. We have a security expert with more than a few tricks up his sleeve... (Venomous Dave) "Have Venomous secure your peace of mind today." Installs start just in time for Christmas! Book an appointment like yesterday!

Prices are $250.00 for basic install includes 1 year of service. (Each year the bike will need to have the device checked and have service paid for another year $100.00.)

Expert cloaked install from $300.00-$500.00

*Track your vehicle from our website in case of theft

*Works off power supply on bike no battery

*Hidden cloaked devices available

*And more!

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